Feb 02

Blog Articles for Riverbend Cleaners

I have written two blog articles for Riverbend Cleaners in Edmonton, Alberta.  You can learn more about Riverbend Cleaners at www.riverbendcleaners.com

Restoring, Cleaning & Caring for Vintage Clothing & Bridal Wear

Vintage clothing and bridal wear can be treasures.  Whether it is something you found in the corner of a vintage shop or a family heirloom that has passed on for generations, both are unique and require equally unique care, quality cleaning and sometimes repair to ensure they last for years to come.  Here are some tips for restoring or caring for your vintage garments.  Read more…

Beautiful Vintage Bride. Wedding. Just Married

Caring for your High End Garments

Acquiring a wardrobe of high end clothing is not an inexpensive endeavor.  You’ve invested in quality and you want to make sure your items last for years to come…and they can!  Properly cleaning and caring for your high end garments is essential to keeping them looking like new and extending their life span.  Read more…

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