Jul 04

Product Demonstration Videos

I work with a very talented camera operator and video producer named James Cadden.  The videos embedded below were product demonstrations for K & J Custom Granite.

Are you interested in creating a business profile, corporate, event, or product demo video?

Here’s the process:

  1. You’ll have a pre-production meeting with myself to discuss what you’re looking for.  That’s when we throw around ideas, brainstorm the visuals, and go over the key points you would like to include in the copy.  We decide what kind of elements we’ll need for filming day like specific locations and the people who will be involved on and off camera on filming day.
  2. Then I write a script for your video.  The script will include the visual elements of your video.  Based on our previous meetings I will write down all of the shots we’ll need to take on filming day.  This section of the script will also include any still photos, text descriptions or titles, and any other visuals you’d like to see in your video.  I will also write the audio elements of your video.  This will include all of the copy that will be read and voiced by an announcer, any lines an actor or talent in the video will have to say, background music, and sound effects within the video.  View script samples.
  3. When the script is complete I will send it to you for your approval.  This may take some going back and forth, but once we have a script you are completely satisfied with I will send it off to get voiced (if we are not voicing it on the set) and we will schedule a time for filming.
  4. On filming day James and I will arrive with all of the required equipment to take the shots written in the script.  This will include the camera and it’s many tripods, special lighting, and microphones if necessary.  We will go through the script, and will start capturing your ideas on digital film!
  5. When we’ve completed filming and have lots of shots to work with, James will use the script to edit the video into the final production.
  6. Once the video production is complete James will upload the first revision of your video on a YouTube Channel for your review.  When you view the video you’ll be able to request revisions and submit them to James and I.  We will complete your revisions and upload the final video for your approval.
  7. Once the video is approved we will upload it on your own YouTube Channel and give you log ins to a Dropbox account where you can upload the videos as a file on your computer.  From there you can create your own DVDs and CDs and start marketing your business, organization, or event!

If you are interested in creating a video for your business or organization please contact me at 780-289-6145.

View more samples of videos written and produced by James and I.

Product Demonstrations for K & J Custom Granite

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