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Social Media Coverage of Events

In the age of accelerated communication the desire to be instantly informed and entertained has created an opportunity for marketing and coverage that was never available before.  If you are having and event or festival live blogging and multimedia coverage on your social media pages can bring an offline event online and it can spread like wildfire.

Live online event coverage could include:

  • Blogs posted frequently during your event with links and feeds to social media pages like Facebook and Twitter
  • Photos taken throughout the event and posted frequently on your web gallery and social media pages
  • Short videos, edited, and uploaded on your YouTube Channel with links to other social media pages
  • Updates to online events calendar inviting visitors to attend the next event.  This is especially effective for multi-day events and festivals
  • Post event reports and wrap up editorial on the blog and social media pages.  Could include additional photos, video, articles, press releases, and thank you letters

Benefits of Social Media Event Coverage:

  • Increase attendance
  • Increase viability of your event and business in Search Engine results
  • Creates a platform where followers of the event can connect with you and with each other, adding to the buzz of the event online.
  • Creates a community where attendees of your event can share their stories, photos, opinions, and excitement throughout the event.
  • Provides content and marketing tools that can be used to promote your business, the next event, and to use as a reference.  (Articles, photos, promotional videos, interaction statistics on social media and web pages, etc.)
  • Brings life to your event in a very exciting way online and offline – it’s fun!


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  1. Andrea Cook

    Great description of social coverage on events Amy! I launched http://www.Eventcorrespondent.com practice last year and have been obsessed with helping amplify brands and buzz from event coverage. I found your description and appreciated your pithy overview. Feel free to swing by my site and let’s follow one another on Twitter to stay in touch. I think event correspondent services will boom as companies seek professionals who know how to publish infotainment through social channels. I’m @andreacook on Twitter.

    Rock on.

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